The Divinity of Purpose 2LP The Divinity of Purpose 2LP


The Divinity of Purpose 2LP

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: USA
Style: modern heavy technical metalized hardcore

American hardcore has a notorious name, but not that much of worth-mentioning releases lately, so the seventh offering by Hatebreed literally turns the table upside down - it is their fiercest record since The Rise of Brutality era, reclaiming the throne of uncompromising and straightforward genre, diving straight back to the basics with a plethora of catchy rhythmics and infectious barking punch by Jamey Jasta, who sounds like an old pal back from the trenches, pushing at full strain through denim; limited gatefold sleeve double black 180g vinyl edition comes with an etched D side, bonus poster and extra Idolized & Vilified track