Hymns 2LP
Hymns 2LP Hymns 2LP Hymns 2LP


Hymns 2LP

Label: Music for Nations / Sony / Music On Vinyl

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: cold dark piercing industrial metal

hailing from stomping grounds of Birmingham, on their seventh and final studio album [2001] before the long break the undisputed leaders of British industrial metal return to a lean line-up of guitar, bass and human drummer, while guitarist and band frontman Justin Broadrick occasionally sings without a distorted grunt, adding more variety to the mix; the band has not lightened up or lost their brutal, pessimistic outlook though: authentic sound still presents the listener with angst, coldness and mechanical feel; first time ever on wax - limited and machine-numbered gatefold sleeve double orange 180g vinyl edition for audiophiles comes with a remastered sound and exclusive If I Could Only Be What You Want bonus, copy #731/1000