Infestissumam CD
Infestissumam CD Infestissumam CD Infestissumam CD


Infestissumam CD

Artist: GHOST
Label: Rise Above / Loma Vista / Republic

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: harmonious occult heavy rock / metal

at first just a pleasant surprise to the gourmands of occult metal/rock, in less than three years Swedish ghouls have torn much more fancy curtains and sensationally stormed the epicenter of elite musical business literally overnight; fortunately enough, this turn was caused by not just superficial scandals, but first off an immensely boosted creative potential, that doubtlessly made musical critics pay attention: refined melodies, catchy choruses, authentic yet no way frumpy vibe and irresistible charisma of Papa Emeritus - that is more than enough to win over zillions of lost souls; European deluxe edition comes with 24 page booklet and two bonuses, including ABBA I'm A Marionette cover, featuring Dave Grohl [Foo Fighters, ex.Nirvana] on drums