Children of the Scorn CD
Children of the Scorn CD Children of the Scorn CD


Children of the Scorn CD

Label: Xtreem
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: extreme ominous intense death metal

what is the most phenomenal in early Finnish death metal scene is that its geography was widespread, and this five-piece from small Paimio town near Turku is the best example - their seminal and only longplay [1991] was among the first and among the most impressive when composing, diversity, dynamics and technicality are concerned; ten track effort is a book of classic extreme metal riffs with innovative, memorable soloing courtesy by Sami Uusitalo that is difficult to ignore for true death metal supporter; this essential re-issue in Xtreem Cult Series comes with a remastered sound and plethora of exclusive pre-album material in shape of Demo II [1990] and Cranial Torment demo [1989] tracks