Daemons of The Past CD
Daemons of The Past CD Daemons of The Past CD


Daemons of The Past CD

Label: Northern Silence

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: dark intense blackened death metal

far from many listeners of Swedish death metal know that music of Jönköping band initially was quite different from where they have moved later: Fafner featured only two musicians, obviously inspired by the second wave of Scandinavian black metal - five straightforward tracks [1993] of this project are featured on CD for the first time; right after they have switched to Nominon and started shaping much sharper, focused and structurally complex music, eventually becoming a reference point of the genre - compilation includes early recordings from Daemon 1 [1993], Daemon 2 [1993] and My Flesh [1996] demo tapes, while booklet reveals the band's story in-depth