The Maniacal Vale 3LP
The Maniacal Vale 3LP The Maniacal Vale 3LP The Maniacal Vale 3LP


The Maniacal Vale 3LP

Label: Season of Mist / Aesthetic Death
Price: 35€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: heavy apocalyptic funeral doom metal

gargantuan fifth longplay [2008] by UK's premier ensemble of cathartic apocalyptic doom is gloomy, heavy, sorrowful, insane, but still overwhelmingly skillful and beautiful work of psychedelic art, eating over 100 minutes of your life off like a bottomless void of anguish and utter depression; doom metal has never sounded as profound, transcendental and infectious until this mammoth of a record - fast old school blastbeat moments are traditionally included at random order into a monumental funeral mood as well!; triple black vinyl edition, housed in a threefold jacket with a double-sided cardstock insert, is limited to 850 hand-numbered units, copy #779/850