Ulfven 2LP
Ulfven 2LP Ulfven 2LP Ulfven 2LP


Ulfven 2LP

Label: Hammerheart
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: epic harmonious dynamic viking metal

on a nice wave and uplifting mood recently, Swedish vikings nail down their seventh album, roaring with eight expressive, cinematic, diverse and highly memorable numbers rich in touching emotions, capable of telling awe-inspiring stories through original and breathtaking music; this album requires a full attention, as one or few tracks are definitely not enough to perceive the whole adventurous picture ranging from fast infernal riots to grandiose sagas of old; gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition with 60x60 cm sized poster and three bonuses on side D is limited to 400 units