Same Difference 2CD MEDIABOOK
Same Difference 2CD MEDIABOOK Same Difference 2CD MEDIABOOK


Same Difference 2CD MEDIABOOK

Label: Threeman
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: loud groovy alternative rock/metal

with album number five [1998] Swedish bastards have maximally removed themselves from extreme metal territories, giving way for alternative rock vibes to reign over the music, pushing back the pedal of heaviness and lowing the energy levels down - their most experimental moment is marked by different vocal approach of LG Petrov, deepening the band's involvement in hardcore ethics, while groovy rock'n roll moments still keep songs from falling out of context of what they have been recording previously; recent Swedish limited double disk hardcover mediabook edition comes with a remastered sound, liner notes and foldout poster, while second disk contains demo and live versions of album tracks from 1998-1999 along few unreleased cuts and Captain Beyond cover