Vikingligr Veldi 2LP
Vikingligr Veldi 2LP Vikingligr Veldi 2LP Vikingligr Veldi 2LP


Vikingligr Veldi 2LP

Label: By Norse
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: intense majestic viking black metal

legendary full-length debut [1994] by viking black metal institution, accomplished during the most turbulent times in Norwegian scene, picked up the extreme route of glorious Hordanes Land MLP, firmly establishing the stylistic blueprint by enhancing the epic, Norse legends-based vision with deeper and more recognizable elements of Scandinavian folk music and lyrics sung in ancient Viking tongues - both Norwegian and Icelandic, yet the utmost, ferocious intensity is primarily a definite keyword for these five timeless compositions!; recent Norwegian gatefold sleeve double clear vinyl edition with a remastered sound and extra illustrations by Zbigniew Bielak on inner sleeves is limited to 1000 units