Відчуженість [Estrangement] CD
Відчуженість [Estrangement] CD Відчуженість [Estrangement] CD


Відчуженість [Estrangement] CD

Artist: DRUDKH
Label: Supernal
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: UKR
Style: mystical melancholic atmospheric black metal

enigmatic entity of Roman Saenko does not flee away from gritty, painful, atmospheric direction and sends worshipers of esoteric pagan art back to fiery blackened metal, akin to monotonous yet far from boring expression of the first two albums; emotional, fundamental music of the sixth longplay streams into vivid harmonious outbreaks with dramatic and profound yet picturesque vocal accents and newly added guitar solos, charming the listener from the very first moments; quite rare authentic British edition