Dodecahedron CD DIGI
Dodecahedron CD DIGI Dodecahedron CD DIGI Dodecahedron CD DIGI


Dodecahedron CD DIGI

Label: Underground Activists / Season of Mist
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: NED
Style: dissonant avantgarde post black metal

self-titled debut full-length by Dutch five-piece created a buzz in avantgarde post black metal milieu, executing technically challenging atonal dissonant monstrosities with a jaw dropping ease - pure horror lurks in the Lovecraftian dimensions of inverted angles and escaping perspectives, as black chaos is assembled into a sonic assault; broken and torn structures, born out of razor-like riffs, coagulate into patterns that constantly mutate and shape shift; it is a threatening, chilling malevolence, reminiscent of Killing Technology era Voivod, locked in a freezer and given a misanthropic Deathspell Omega makeover