Grey Misery CD
Grey Misery CD Grey Misery CD Grey Misery CD


Grey Misery CD

Label: Xtreem
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: extreme ominous intense death metal

debut album [1992] of the one and only Disgrace, who churned out first wave of ominous and aggressive Finnish death metal with few fellow bands like Xysma and Convulse, is a signature dark, down-tuned, guttural and intense opus, knocking down with blasting and slower episodes masterfully intertwined in between, topped by double vocal stream of Jukka and Toni; this essential re-issue in Xtreem Cult Series comes with a remastered sound and plethora of exclusive pre-album material, like entire repertoire of Debts of Gods 7"EP [1991] and Inside the Labyrinth of Depression demo [1990], as well as Transcendental Dimension bonus