You Lived Now Die CD
You Lived Now Die CD You Lived Now Die CD You Lived Now Die CD


You Lived Now Die CD

Label: Hells Headbangers
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: GRE
Style: spontaneous blackened thrashing death metal

typical for evil metal band moniker hides intricate entity indeed, which list musicians who have wormed their feet performing with the most significant Greek bands, as well as ex.Electric Wizard bass player Tas Danazoglou and also ex.Sentenced face Taneli Jarva - such a solid line-up enjoys building spontaneous, gritty, and honest compositions, and the essence is quite well expressed in the title of last track - Death Metal, yet thrash and black Hellenic metal accents shape quite an exceptional sound akin to the taste of Ravencult, Nifelheim and kult Possessed supporters