The Antichrist CD DIGI
The Antichrist CD DIGI The Antichrist CD DIGI


The Antichrist CD DIGI

Label: Nuclear Blast / Metal Mind

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: GER
Style: dynamic devastating intense thrash metal

if 1999's All Hell Breaks Loose was a massive new record by Teutonic thrash overlords after a long hiatus, then its follower [2001] was a real comeback to the top-notch devastating standard, smashing to pieces with crunchy modernized production: Destruction have never sounded so overwhelmingly before, but it was all about actual riffs and memorable choruses that make this longplay so exceptional - from unholy fires with the blessing of the antichrist they rise again to thrash til death forever!; recent digitally remastered machine-numbered digipak re-issue comes on golden disc with re-recorded Curse The Gods as bonus, copy #1712/2000