Portals to Canaan CD
Portals to Canaan CD Portals to Canaan CD Portals to Canaan CD


Portals to Canaan CD

Label: Unique Leader

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intense technical brutal death metal

it has taken five years for extreme death metal virtuosos to finish up the eighth full-length release, and if the gloomy sci-fi concept, familiar from previous releases, was smooth part of the job, then to fix surgically precise music, bringing it as close to perfection as possible, has taken so much more effort and time; finally revealing the contents to the audience musicians can be sure they have made everything under their abilities, if not over the top of it - consistent, damn complex, but also vital and mesmerizing disk surpasses anything achieved under DOF mark so far, and claims for the throne of intricate genre