Under the Subgleam MCD
Under the Subgleam MCD


Under the Subgleam MCD

Artist: <CODE>
Label: Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Price: 10€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: avantgarde postmodern progressive black metal

as short in length, small and unnoticed edition as possible, this is a highly remarkable comeback of enigmatic postmodern entity to their magical black metal milieu, lost in a couple of previous recordings: Aort proves to keep few exceptional riffs under his sleeve, while Wacian feels so much more comfortable delivering his diverse range; actually only two tracks are kept in haunting extreme metal vein, while few additional fragments act more like an intro and outro - it is still uncertain if Code will take their route back to what everybody loves them for, but hopes are pretty high at the moment!