Burzum / Aske CD
Burzum / Aske CD Burzum / Aske CD Burzum / Aske CD


Burzum / Aske CD

Artist: BURZUM
Label: Byelobog
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: raw savage atmospheric black metal

one of the most talked about longplays in extreme metal history was recorded in Grieghallen studio during the most violent and dramatic times for early black metal scene - debut album materialized in January 1992 and started big moves for both the artist and the genre; music bears all crucial values of traditional Norwegian style at its full intensity, spreading savage and raw spirit with thick, malicious atmosphere, while three Aske MLP tunes were recorded in August with Samoth on bass; latest slipcase re-issue of fundamental recordings comes with both versions of A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit, extra exclusive design and liner notes by Varg himself