Sea of Ignorance CD
Sea of Ignorance CD


Sea of Ignorance CD

Label: Mighty
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: USA
Style: apocalyptic thunderous intricate death metal

the glorious Floridian team from nineties have finally recovered, from the third attempt in 2012, and it took them four more seasons to complete the new album - that is why it is even more exciting to admit that results have surpassed the expectations: their music has lost none of those fundamental, essential qualities like intricate guitar riffs, heavy and intense rhythmics and masterful menacing growl of Scott Reigel, witnessing various ills of the world via lyrical paradigms; Shores in Flames, the Bathory cover, is quite unexpected and jumps off the overall context, but it is done with heart and soul for sure; recent Danish edition