Bloodbath Over Bloodstock DVD
Bloodbath Over Bloodstock DVD Bloodbath Over Bloodstock DVD


Bloodbath Over Bloodstock DVD

Label: Peaceville
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: crushing ominous death metal live
Length: 112 minutes

a crushing live onslaught by the ominous downtuned old school death metal machine, featuring the growling talent of since departed Mikael Åkerfeldt [Opeth], overwhelms by impressive twelve track gig filmed by The Dark Box company on August 13th 2010 at the infamous UK open air festival, while DVD extras include five live tracks from PartySan festival, performed on August 8th 2008, sharing some more classic numbers with the crowd, plus official Hades Rising promo video and extensive interview with the band