Christbait CD
Christbait CD Christbait CD Christbait CD


Christbait CD

Artist: BLOOD
Label: VIC
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: GER
Style: intense dynamic death metal / grindcore

along with Atrocity and Fleshcrawl, Blood put their fatherland on worldwide map of death/grind in early nineties via spontaneous debut longplay, yet with this sophomore full-length [1992] German lunatics were more careful to work on production and promotion of their raw music, avoiding shortages from before - expressive and punishing set of fifteen cuts marks the addition of new guttural vocalist Alex and second guitar player Ruben, who both have extended the band's abilities to deliver technical and relentless musick; this ultimate Dutch edition is complete with new booklet, designed by guitarist Eisen, featuring extensive liner notes and many vintage photo images, along the five audio bonuses