Dimensions CD DIGI
Dimensions CD DIGI Dimensions CD DIGI Dimensions CD DIGI


Dimensions CD DIGI

Label: Sheridan Square / Metal Mind

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: USA
Style: progressive technical neosymphonic thrash metal

third time in a row [1993] Believer sound completely different from previous albums, on their way to progression experimenting with opera vocals, acoustic passages, spoken interludes, and quintessential tempo changes, dropping most of faster moments in favour of intricate technical riffing and melodic solos, still keeping dynamics pretty much intact; if you are not aware of their faith-induced message, these dark, malicious compositions might work quite haunting, with culmination arriving with a four-part Trilogy of Knowledge, brimming with eerie neosymphonic touch; limited machine-numbered re-issue comes on golden disc with a remastered sound and liner notes by the band members in booklet, copy #1470/2000