The Power Cosmic CD DIGI
The Power Cosmic CD DIGI


The Power Cosmic CD DIGI

Label: Nuclear Blast / Metal Mind

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: epic mysterious symphonic black metal

fourth full-length by this enigmatic entity, recorded in 1999 at Academy Music Studio, Yorkshire, marks the climax of time and space bordering journeys, blending cruel symphonic elegance of epic black metal with sci-fi obsessed lyrics, focused on intergalactic wars, cosmic empires, and celestial gods; such a challenging approach, spreading dark and chilling atmosphere, pushes the band to new heights - if you wonder how Star Wars soundtrack sounded if it was in hands of extreme metal freaks, here is the answer; machine-numbered re-issue comes on golden disc with a remastered sound and expanded booklet, copy #0224/2000