In Extremis LP
In Extremis LP In Extremis LP In Extremis LP


In Extremis LP

Label: Agonia
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: POL
Style: devastating intense blackened death metal

after a highly praised previous album it is no other way but to repeat its exterminating might with whirlwind of chaotic currents, moreover that they had no less than six years for honing ten new lethal shots of the tracks; Inferno is at the top of his skills, relentless tremolo riffs shred with sinister blackened tone to confirm Azarath's unholy nature, while vocal delivery by Necrosodom is by big part responsible for haunting atmosphere on such a furious, destructive record, reaching an ultimate apex; black vinyl edition with impressive pro-printed twenty page 12x12" booklet