Stabwound Orgasm CD
Stabwound Orgasm CD Stabwound Orgasm CD Stabwound Orgasm CD


Stabwound Orgasm CD

Label: Repulse / Xtreem
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: SPA
Style: catchy chunky brutal death metal

born in 1992, Spanish band has been getting tighter and tighter with each new recording, and 1999's longplay has turned into a fundamental statement of menacing intense traditional death metal, proving in a stubborn and steadfast way that early Demigod works are worth a sequel; in the epicenter of brutality there is enough room for gloomy harmonies, what gives these dudes much more advantage, as the brutal carcass remains unshakable; recent re-issue comes with Sweet Lobotomy and Powered Flesh live bonuses