Unquestionable Presence CD+DVD DIGI
Unquestionable Presence CD+DVD DIGI Unquestionable Presence CD+DVD DIGI


Unquestionable Presence CD+DVD DIGI

Label: Season of Mist
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: USA
Style: technical progressive thrash death metal

essentially akin to the impressive debut, the sophomore legendary record [1991] of classic technical death/thrash metal crew involves even more twisted edges, jazz elements and highly articulated melodic sense, what makes even top bands like Death brace up; this way the music of timeless brilliance is born - a crucial yardstick by which daring, ambitious and progressive metal records are measured; recent digipak re-issue with a remastered sound, nine bonuses from pre-production and other demo takes of this album, all featuring the late bassist Roger Patterson, plus additional DVD with the last live show he had played in February 1991, just three days before the tragic death, as well as other live, rehearsal, studio footage, and interview from 1993, is limited to 2000 units