Eufori MC
Eufori MC Eufori MC Eufori MC


Eufori MC

Artist: APATI
Label: Total Holocaust / Night Birds
Price: 6€

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: melancholic suicidal depressive black metal
Length: 53 minutes

debut album [2009] by bastards of depressive suicidal extremity, featuring current Shining bass player Christian Larsson, proves them being highly inspired by Lifelover and, you bet, Shining, yet nonetheless - it is an impressive start that deserves your attention: dudes know the shit in songwriting and have guts to smoothly switch from ominous and bleak black metal to melancholic and cold dark rock, with an obligatory Swedish tongue in singing and screaming, what gives them yet more artistic freedom; exclusive Ukrainian tape edition with pro-printed inlay is limited to 300 units