Predator CD
Predator CD Predator CD


Predator CD

Artist: ACCEPT
Label: RCA / Sony / Music On CD
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: GER
Style: catchy expressive hard/heavy metal

okay, this is the second most controversial Accept album [1996] after Eat The Heat's slap in the face, where fans that prefer speedy and more aggressive side of metal sincerely ignore the music, while those with classic hard and heavy preferences find these twelve tracks no less appealing than other timeless records of their rich back catalog; recorded in Nashville, USA, it definitely takes on a different course, but still features trademark rant of Udo, catchy riffing and scorching, stylish solos of Wolf Hoffmann - surprise comes from Peter Baltes singing three songs on this record, perhaps pointing out the inevitable split with legendary vocalist that happened not long after; recent re-issue comes with authentic layout