Shifting.Negative CD BOX
Shifting.Negative CD BOX Shifting.Negative CD BOX


Shifting.Negative CD BOX

Artist: ABORYM
Label: Agonia
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: eclectic apocalyptic dark industrial rock

never keen on limiting the creative and thought-provoking input, Aborym mastermind Fabban comes up with totally renewed line-up and the most daring shift of sound on this latest opus, pushing on the electronic button more often than anyone expected, delivering ten eclectic cuts with unpredictable evolution that mostly fit on the industrial rock shelf along the music of Ministry or Nine Inch Nails, so supporters of their black metal era can safely forget about this, but those with open mind might find a cool addition to their playlists; deluxe limited and machine-numbered clam box edition comes with extra design details, two additional songs, patch and wine coaster, copy #295/500